I wanna tell you a secret I have only confessed to my closest friends.

but for some reason, I feel I can trust you now.

throughout my life I came to realize the hard way that I have a very unpopular opinion about love.

or rather, an approach.

I truly believe love is meant to be felt. And experienced. And absorbed. And learned.

and painful sometimes, yeah.

but what a beautiful thing that is. Growth.

pain is a golden opportunity to brake the boundaries of our beliefs and increase awareness of our selfish ego needs.

ok, nothing utterly uncommon so far, right?

but here's the thing...

I just don't think love is meant to be controlled, predicted, promised or decided.

or even given to only one person.

that is why, whenever I feel love, I desire it, I crave for it. I live it to the fullest. I miss it.

and then I shout it out to the world.

we're emotional creatures, you know. We feed on that.

so I just prefer to shout out love instead of spreading hate.

actually I don't really shout, I just write about it. :)

and it's funny, a lot of people tend to reprehend me for that.

and you know what is worst? I'm probably guilty of doing that myself.

why are we always pointing fingers and comparing ourselves to others?

feeling inferior or feeling superior based on things or based on feelings.

life is not binary... and we're pretty much all the same anyway.

and so is love.

it all comes from the same place.

and it's not just free and healthy,

love is wide.